Curious without fear

I believe that curious, open minded, mindful and fearless individuals will eventually lead us to a better future. Regardless of whether you are working for a global corporation, or running a boutique enterprise, being curious and fearless will help you have a greater influence on making of the future and a sense of accomplishment.

A month ago I was on a zoom call with a friend who is also a senior leader in the design industry. I was sharing with him some of the stories of the most valuable feedback we routinely receive from our clients. Specifically, I mentioned to him that our clients value personal transformations they go through as a result of co-creating with us. I said to him that our most valued clients have worked with us for over 10–15 years.

My designer friend asked me, “If your clients value you so much, why are you so small? Why didn’t you grow?” It didn’t take me any time to respond.

“Because what you mean by growth is not what I care for.” I said, “Growth to me means- following my curiosity, maintaining my authenticity, undertaking journeys full of wonder with our clients, seeing my employees and clients open up and discover their own purpose, these things are so much more gratifying than presiding over a large team and worrying about cash flow.” Having clients with whom we share memories of great epiphanies and self discoveries has helped us tide over three recessions because they want us to survive and continue to push the boundaries of their comfort and inspire their imagination. They want us to challenge their biases. and help them challenge the beliefs that hold their leadership from seeing the obvious signs of an emerging future.

I have learned that I can not change the world alone. I have also learned that a small team of passionate, curious, and compassionate individuals can influence one mind at a time. Together we can ignite a spark that expands people’s consciousness and spreads, albeit at a slow pace, and transmits to their peers the energy and courage to tinker with opportunities for self improvement and for affecting how people around them think and work.

I went to design school so I could make the world a better place with design of products. Life has taught me that I affect mindsets in order to design life.

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