Empathic Immersion Expands Consciousness and Sharpens Instincts

  1. Everyday people’s participation in value creation is central to the concept of co-creation.
  2. Co-creation is an ongoing engagement between people who have a stake in your business, your teams distributed in silos, your industry partners and everyday people.
  3. Two key features of this engagement is dialogue and iterative design.
  1. is curious, open minded, and non-judgmental
  2. believes in the value of collaboration and co-creation
  3. is relentless in sharing and socializing their learnings within the organization
  4. has a network of strong relationships within the organization (those who can tolerate his/her persistence)
  5. practices tact in challenging beliefs of opinionated and egocentric people. Thanks
  1. Senior leaders rely on their instincts and wisdom as much as data in making critical decisions.
  2. To support decision that will ultimately resonate with people in the real world leaders need to be able to cultivate instincts through empathic immersion in the life and imagination of real people.
  3. Engaging your customers as co-creators of value will involve immersion, observation, dialogue and synthesis.



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Uday Dandavate

Uday Dandavate

A design activist and ethnographer of social imagination.