the past year

has been good

and bad

and full of


i was liberated

from my ambitions

and yet trapped

in self pity and doubt

i felt isolated

from the real world

and yet connected

to my family

i met more people

on zoom and google hangout

and yet felt exhausted

by the digital fatigue

i found efficiencies

in virtual care

remote working

digital collaboration and

online shopping

and yet felt frustrated.

at being deprived of

hand shakes


post-it notes and

white boards

i am grateful

for what

i have been able to do

with technology

and yet i am convinced

technology should never

replace human interaction

during the past year

i paid my bills

by researching

human computer interactions

and paid my dues

to the society

by writing poetry

in the company of family

i found comfort

and yet in the confines

of the home

i experienced restlessness

i discovered

i can cover more ground

at a slower pace

be happier with less and

be a better person

without an agenda

in the past

i was driven to

help change the world

with disruptive innovation

in the future

i want to

help heal the world

by encouraging

human capacity for

curiosity compassion and


i miss the past

because i am used to it

and yet

i don’t want the future

to be what

the past used to be

i don’t know

what my future will be

and i know

that it will be

more humane

more mindful

more tranquil

more driven by

our humanity

than technology

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