Participatory Design Perspectives: Crafting Equitable Futures through Technology, Society, and Wellness

Uday Dandavate
2 min readNov 23, 2023

have lived in two worlds all my life.- I grew up within a family dedicated to social reforms and chose a career path of design. People inhabiting these two worlds tend to have different objectives. For example one may be focused more on profit versus the other more on social good. Interacting with people in these two worlds has given me a unique blend of perspectives. My most rewarding projects have been where. clients who want to use technology and design. for facilitating a positive impact on the society.

In these musings I share my thoughts about using my. learnings from these two worlds. to inspire pathways to equitable future.

  1. A catalyst of change must envision the future pathways through three lenses: technology, society and wellness.
  2. Change can only be sustainable if everyone who has a stake in it are involved in envisioning it.
  3. Involvement of stakeholder can be most effective and productive when they take part in an ongoing dialogue.
  4. An ongoing dialogue creates mutual trust and commitment to iterate solutions over time.
  5. Engagement in such a dialogue forms communities that are best suited to harness collective wisdom.
  6. Engaged Communities feel. motivated to think creatively and iterate solutions to lingering and contentious problems.
  7. Creative and engaged communities are driven by a desire to create a legacy.
  8. Incorporating. legacy in social imagination nurtures mindfulness. in driving innovation and change.

I envision a space that engages communities in an ongoing design dialogue to share wisdom, address lingering problems, and co-imagine creative ways of harnessing knowledge and material resources for delightful living. This approach is critical when introducing disruptive technologies like Generative AI or electric vehicles into community life; their potential impact must be continually anticipated and evaluated.



Uday Dandavate

A design activist and ethnographer of social imagination.