The first child to embrace Beebo

My first book, a book of poems, “A window for a home without walls” has a mission- to give design back to people by evoking in everyday people curiosity, compassion and creativity. The success of this book has prompted me to take desogn to the younger generation- 5–12 year old children.

As I continue working on “Find your Beebo”, I am continuously seeking feedback from children and their parents. Beebo the central character of my book, is the child inside all of us, that we never want to lose.

Last week I showed the draft of entire book to an eight year old Mir. After reading the whole book he gave me a very positive response to the Beebo character.

He felt exactly what I hope children would feel after reading the book- that they have found a friend Beebo, the child inside them and that they would begin a dialogue with Beebo and never discontinue the dialogue even as they grow up.

Mir’s reaction was further validated when his mother send me this message today:

“Btw, yesterday when I was in the call I had asked mir to keep himself busy with reading. When the call was done he said “when I got bored of reading I talked to Beebo about coming up with another cool idea to stay busy. Then we decided on playmobil toys”

Thought you’d be happy to hear!”

Wow even before the book came out Beebo has become a part of a child’s imagination.

Also this morning I invited one of my students, Brian, to read the entire book. His reaction was:

“I wish I had read this book when I was eight years old. I would have probably grown up to be a different person. But it’s not too late. I do believe that as parents read the Beebo book to their children they would want to met their own Beebo. My mother has seven siblings. They have several children. I would gift this book to all of my cousins, so they would grow up to be more curious and creative”.

I am excited to bring Beebo into the awareness of children and their parents.

We are working towards publishing the book this summer. Your support in nurturing the Beebo in our next generation would be appreciated.

At this rate my next book project would be to write nursery rhymes.

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